A Colorful Apartment

Green Kfar Saba / 2019

A couple with 2 daughters lives in this apartment. The chosen design line was modern, young and happy. Only this time, I decided to go crazy with the color pallet, and not only with the small accessories like you usually do, but in choosing the wall paper and other strategic corners in the apartment. An example for it you can see in the blue wall paper on the dining room wall and the fuchsia color arm chairs, all that on a monochromatic colors’ pallet of black, white and grey. The calm background balances the apartment; we are not talking about colors screaming from each corner. In each corner, the eye catches a different colorful object, this way they do not really collide.
In the hallway next to the entrance door, I planned a large service closet that holds most of the functions that help maintain the house clean and in order.
The office, that also serves as reception for the public, got an ochre shade wall paper with geometric shapes that completely lifted the atmosphere inside the room. On the other hand, in the bedroom, we picked a clam and pleasant looking wall paper, a soft and soothing colors’ pallet.