BLACK & WHITE garden apartment

 Green Kfar Sava

Apartment for a couple with four children in Green Grandpa’s. It all started with a counseling session, they felt the apartment was not designed exactly for them and wanted to see how it could be tailored to their needs. They said they wanted a small change, I saw great potential and we started a process we never imagined for a moment that would lead to such a crazy result.
Sometimes when you see the plan from above in AutoCAD things just look different and as I sketch and plan the position plans I discover that I can offer them creative solutions that will completely change their quality of life at home.
I turned the four-room apartment into a five-room apartment, we replaced the flooring throughout the apartment, we renovated the showers, I designed precise and functional carpentry details for them.
I designed a modern and clean kitchen for them with a huge island and an integral refrigerator which looks like part of the kitchen lights and a more uniform facade. One of the kitchen doors is a secret door that leads to another room. In the master bedroom I created a large and impressive wall cabinet that separates the bedroom from the master shower and through which one enters the pampering bathroom. Just a feeling of a hotel in a seemingly standard contractor apartment.