colorful house

Kfar Yona / 2017

A house for a mother and her soldier daughter. The idea was to turn the house that was very neglected, into a pleasant, clam yet colorful and happy home that sends the feeling of optimism. The guiding line was modern with rustic touches, pleasant and warm.
The client always dresses in a unique and colorful manner. I wanted to take my client’s look and dress the house in a way that will reflect her in the clothes she is wearing. We moved the kitchen to a different location – in front of the living room, which is how we created an open space that is big and spacious. We moved the mother’s bedroom to where the old kitchen used to be and created kind of a private, intimate space that had a separate entrance, to each of the women. In the mother’s room, the flooring was replaced and the colors and furniture that were picked were based on happy and bold color palette. The daughter’s room was designed in a Scandinavian style, with white and wood colors that is very calm and pleasant.