house with a pool

Hod Hasharon / 2017

Designing a private house for a couple with three adorable children. In this project, they gave me freedom to design the house. The main emphasis my clients had was that they really love to entertain. The first thing I did was to take down the walls in the public space and create an open, inviting and illuminated space. I planned a spacious seating area with a built in fire place under the television, a convenient exit outside to the pool and the jacuzzi, and a huge open kitchen with an island that adds lots of storage and seating places. The chosen design line was – modern and clean, yet warm and inviting. All of the carpentry items were personally tailored, as part of the design line of the house.
The kids’ rooms were designed while thinking about each kid individually. For example: in the girl’s room, we hang princesses tent above the bed and adorable pictures. A gentle, colorful confetti wall paper and a pink desk completed the look.