Private House

Hod Hasharon / 2017

the house in its early stage was old and neglected, but I could immediately see the huge potential in the house and fell in love with it from the first moment. My clients’ dream was to turn the old, aged house into a young, modern house that will suit them – a young couple with a girl and a baby. On the way to making their dream come true, the house underwent a massive renovation and dramatic makeover, inside and out. I planned a better, more spacious division of the space. We took down all the internal walls, expanded the house, strengthened the foundation and broke walls after consulting with a contractor. We also changed the entire infrastructure – electricity, plumbing and aluminum. I have created a modern, updated space with concrete floor, huge black and white kitchen, with Reles that was painted in black and unique lighting fixtures were ordered from England. After listening and paying attention to my clients, I created for them what they now call – “our dream house”.